The Tactical Library: How To Be An Explorer Of The World, Keri Smith

how-to-be-an-explorer-of-the-worldMuch of what we do in Systema is dependent on our ability to be aware of our surroundings and our internal state. The main obstacle to this awareness is habit, constant repetition of a stimuli will cause us
to become gradually insensitive to it. Whatever we are not paying attention to then becomes invisible, we become automated, moved by habits through a world that barely makes it to our consciousness.
What Keri Smith offers us in this book is mainly directed to artists, who need to learn to recover their awareness of the world in order to be capable of offering a unique view of it. To me, this is the greatest unintentional Systema book since the Tao Te Ching. Filled with practical exercises to enable the ordinary and the ubiquitous to come in fully to our conscious awareness, it almost reads like it was written by Konstantine Komarov.

Reviewed by Stéphane Beaudin, Owner and Combat/Mobility Instructor, Club Nagaika (Montreal, CA)

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